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IL EPA - llinois Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program


Contaminants monitoring by the Illinois EPA in predatory, omnivorous, and bottom-feeding fish species from over 500 locations in Illinois. Focal species include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, and carp. 1974-2008. Data include THg, additional pollutants, and morphometrics.

Source Agency: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Agency/Project Website: http://www.epa.state.il.us/
Medium: fish
Start Date: 1974


Thomas Hornshaw,

1021 North Grand Ave. East, PO Box 19276
Springfield, IL 62794

Phone: 217-785-0832 Fax: 217-782-1431

Name of datasetIllinois Fish Contaminant Monitoring Database
Geographic areaIllinois
Activity CategoryMonitoring
Focal specieslargemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, carp
Tissue Typesfillet
Approximate size of dataset11500
Positional data available?Yes
Start Date1974
End Date2008
Collection seasonspring, summer, fall
Collection MonthsApril-November
Current # Of Sampling Locationsvaries
Historic # Of Sampling Locations>500
Size of Sampling Areastate of Illinois
Individual or composite samples?Mostly Composite
Ecosystem Focuswater bodies
Additional InfoPrior to 1985, four different state laboratories performed analyses of samples, and there are known discrepancies among the labs' results for certain organics. We are not able to say if there were also discrepancies in mercury results for this period, but the Illinois EPA does not routinely use these Hg data in analyses. Since 1985, all samples have been analyzed by the Illinois EPA lab or a a contract lab under its supervision. The IL EPA does maintain a tissue bank of all samples from the preceding 15 years.
Data UseUnrestricted for MercNet collaborators, By permission only
Quality Assuranceyes
Data Formatpaper data sheets or lab notebooks, Microsoft Access, other electronic format
Hg MeasurementsTHg
Hg Measurement Weightww
Ancillary Dataweight, length, additional pollutants
BRI has data?yes
Data downloadable on external website?A partial dataset is available at http://www.epa.gov/storet/.
Other DatabasesSTORET
CommentsSome of these data are housed in the STORET database (http://www.epa.gov/storet/).  Not all older records are in STORET.  Please note that data prior to 1985 are not recommended for use in data analysis.